There are many thing that could make airplanes more comfortable. For starters, more leg room. We would also like better food options. Yeah, that would be great. You know what wouldn’t be great? Hexagonal seating. Yeah, you know seating that would require passengers to face each other!

According to the Daily Mail, a Zodiac Seats, a seat manufacturer, has filled a patent for a new “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon.” Basically, this means the seats would alternate between facing forwards and backwards.

From these drawings, it looks horrible. Now, we know you think we’re being dramatic, but really, how are you supposed to concentrate when you can EASILY either focus your eyes on your in-flight movie or your neighbor who is picking his teeth? You’re going to be looking at his teeth, trust us.

zodiac seats

Apparently though, Zodiac Seats thinks this will actually make flyers more comfortable because it will give them more arm room. You’ll also still have your trays and televisions on the back of your seat.

For airlines, this will be great because this way of arranging seats allows for, well, more seats — which means there’s room for more people… and money.

Before you get too excited though, don’t worry, it’s just a patent. There are many hoops the company would have to jump through in order to bring this idea to life.

So rest easy, on you’re next flight, you will still able to ignore your next airplane neighbor, the way God intended.

What do you think of Zodiac Seats’ idea?


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