The future of travel is upon us and it doesn’t involve planes, trains or automobiles. It actually involves jetpacks!

Jetpack enthusiast Yves Rossy, known for flying over the skies with his jetpack, has taken along his protege Jetman Vince Reffet, for another wild ride.

In a new video, we see the two jump out of an airplane with nothing but jetpacks (more specifically, a jet-propelled wing) attached to their bodies. The duo flew over Dubai, giving us a surreal look of the United Arab Emirates.

What Rossy and Reffet are doing is just completely incredible. And we’re not the only ones who think so. The video has hundreds of comments from people who are beyond impressed. “What these people do is absolutely insane. And insanely cool. Absolutely insanely cool. I had no idea jetpacks have reached such levels of… well, everything,” one person commented.

Rossy is reportedly the first person in the world to fly this way. He has also flow across the English Channel, Grand Canyon and Mount Fuji.

Pretty impressive if you ask us. And while we’re sure these jet-propelled wings will somehow aid in the future of travel, we’re not sure how many people will be willing to get from point A to point B via jetpack.

Watch the video below, and enjoy!

What do you think of Yves Rossy’s means of travel?


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