Music is an integral part of the travel experience: it amps you up on adventures or calms you down on the beach, attaches memories of a time or place to a song that you can revisit, and drowns out the sound of screaming children on cramped modes of transportation. With this in mind I decided to share some of my favorite travel tunes with you every week, and since I’m a big fan of alliteration, I decided to do it on Tuesdays.

Today’s entry on our travel tunes playlist comes from Yelle, a French trio made up of a waify Breton girl and two bearded DJs. Listening to a song in another language always makes me feel like traveling to a place where they actually speak that language, but “Mon Pays” (“My Country”) really hammers in the feeling of wanderlust by repeating these lyrics:

[one_half last=”no”]J’aime mon pays, mais j’adore le tien,
je fais mes valises et je pars demain.
La vie est un long chemin,
tout droit ne sera pas le mien.

J’ai besoin de changement,
j’ai besoin de changer le temps,
j’ai besoin de changer les gens,
j’ai besoin de changer mes plans.

J’ai besoin de mouvement,
j’ai besoin de changer d’amant,
j’ai besoin de changer d’argent,
j’ai besoin de suivre le vent.

[/one_half]I like my country, but I love yours,
I’m packing my bags and leaving tomorrow.
Life is a long path,
mine won’t be straight ahead.

I need to change things up,
I need a change of weather,
I need a change of people,
I need a change of plans.

I need movement,
I need to change lovers,
I need to change money,
I need to follow the wind.


If you can understand the French, this song will rile up the pesky travel bug that’s parasitically attached to your heart strings. And if you don’t understand, here’s hoping that listening to this French girl croon for four and a half minutes at least makes you want to pay a visit to a country in la Francophonie.

[youtube id=”YwMLf5dUqak” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Be sure to check back every Tuesday for my travel tune recommendations!

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