World Tourism Day is September 27th, where this year they are focusing on the theme of tourism and water. Why is this important, you may ask? According to the World Tourism Day website, there was an estimated one billion international tourists in 2012. With all these tourists, there has to be ways to conserve and sustain water sources in the name of a better future! The goal this year is to encourage all of us travel freaks to use water responsibly while we travel, and prepare the world for a better future.

This year, the official celebration for World Tourism Day is being hosted in the Maldives. It will include a think tank where policy makers in experts in the field of tourism and water will be participating. The Maldive Islands is a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, and is the smallest Asian country both in population and in size.  The most popular island for tourists is Malé, the capital of this island nation. The Maldives are a gorgeous location for this event, and is known for their beautiful beaches and sunsets. The Maldives are also a great location for the scuba diving enthusiasts, known for having some of the best dive spots in the world. Tourist attractions also include travelling to the different islands and night fishing.

NG beach maldives

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 Scuba diving Maldives

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 World Tourism Day 2013 is asking everyone to tweet their tips and advice to @UNWTO using the hashtag #WTD2013. The best ones will be retweeted by them the five days leading up to the big event on September 27th. Be sure that if you plan on travelling to the Maldives any time soon or any other location that fits your heart’s desire to follow any of the conservation tips below!


 What are some ways that you conserve water while travelling?

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