This is 2014, so the fact that I can’t download a pizza straight from the internet and that Netflix still hasn’t added “dumb shows with cute boys” as a subcategory baffles me to no extent. However, the world keeps producing things that amaze me and I am not going to lie to you, most of these things involve combining donuts with other foods. First there was the cronut, and now there is something even more incredible.

Ladies and gentleman of Earth, wonuts now exist. What a time to be alive.

Hopefully, when you see the word “wonut” you immediately thought “waffle-donut-hybrid” because that is exactly what they are. Now say it with me: “Whoa! Nutz!” Because the idea of a donut married to a waffle in holy-glazed matrimony is nuts. And I want one.


Waffles Cafe in Chicago is where you can get this heavenly creation and now I wish for nothing more than to live in the Windy City. The wonut starts out as a thickened version of their waffle batter which comes in normal goodness, chocolate and red velvet. Then to give it that “soft on the inside” quality of a donut, it is fried in vegetable shortening. Then it is glazed. Then it is iced. Then it is covered in toppings. I think it is time for the Cronut to gracefully bow out and head back to the blue corner because we have a new champion in the ring.

Waffles’ fancy normal waffles will be cycling into wonut form so you’ll be able to get The Mexican chocolate version which has spicy cocoa and candied oranges. You’ll be able to get the green tea wonut. The whole wheat wonut. The possibilities are almost endless in this wonut filled world.

Bless you, wonut creator. You beautiful tropical fish. All we can hope is that someone knocks this off in New York City immediately.

Have you tried a wonut?

images via nerdalicious



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