A few days before our recent snow blizzard in the Northeast, I couldn’t help but think to myself “Wouldn’t it be lovely if New York City was covered in perfect, white snow?”

I was wrong. It was not lovely. The blizzard came, and with it came with cold, harsh winds, freezing rain, icy streets, and dirty snow. I deeply regret my wish. But if you are in need of some perfect fluffy white snow these hot spots offer unique lodging and snow activities while you enjoy the perfect snow-covered view.


Whitepod Switzerland

If you are one to enjoy snow, the first thing that should have come to mind were the infamous Alps. This enormous mountain terrain stretches into 5 different European states and is covered in perfect white snow. From Switzerland, you can enjoy this picturesque scene from White Pod, an eco-luxury hotel in the alps.



If you have ever dreamed of building an igloo, instead you can opt to stay in a luxury Igloo Village ( based in Kakslauttanen) and enjoy Nature’s winter wonders.


Hotel de Glace, Canada

The Hôtel de Glace (translation: Ice Hotel) is an artistic experience that will have you in ‘Aww’ by how much one can create with ice.



Now if you are one to enjoy the snow without the desire to live in an igloo of some sort, you can always go for the natural experience– and by that, I mean you could look to the Tree Hotel. This unique group of hotels based in Sweden offer a variety of different lodging types built in trees to accommodate your need. This way, you can enjoy the snowy view from above.


Val Gardena, Dolomites-Italy-www.valgardena.it

Photo Credit: www.valgardena.it

When researching “Winter Wonderlands”, I came upon a photo of a picturesque snow-covered forest in Italy and I immediately started looking for flights to Italy. Most don’t know about the Dolomite Mountains and that this mountain side in Northeast Italy is part of the alps. At Hotel Ancora, you can experience the beauty in luxury with a hint of old world architecture and style.

United States


If you are looking to stay in the United States to enjoy a perfect patch of snow then look no further than Snowbird, Utah. The Snowbird Resort is a family-friendly resort is located in “the heart of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Little Cottonwood Canyon, one mile down canyon from Alta” (and about 29 miles from Salt Lake City).

Where is your winter wonderland?



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