Would you enjoy a 5-day, all expenses paid trip for two to Portugal to sample local wines? I’d imagine that only a xenophobic teetotaler wouldn’t, so if you aren’t one of those, you’re in luck! Wines of Portugal, the promotional board for all Portuguese wine, is giving away the aforementioned trip and all you have to do to get in the running is fiddle around on their Facebook page.

Upon arrival you can expect daily excursions to wineries where you and your guest will get a hands-on experience with Portuguese wine making. I imagine that if I were to win, it would look something like this:

The contest is open until September 28, and every two weeks Wines of Portugal will be adding new ways to win on their Facebook page, meaning you should check back regularly. Just think of it this way: runners up only get a wine refrigerator, a glassware set, or a subscription to Wine Enthusiast, so you better make sure you jump at any opportunity to take home the grand prize.

I know it seems like we’ve been paid off to promote this giveaway, but we haven’t — we’re just really excited about it. Although, if any wine companies out there want us to work as promoters for their sweepstakes, we’d be happy to do so in return for a couple cases of pinot grigio. Let us know!

Image via Wines of Portugal

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