This is The Year Of The Horse according to the Chinese Calendar, and in this week’s edition of Travel Freak’s Wild Wednesday we explore this recognized symbol of the Old West. And, there’s no better place to start than in Lexington, Kentucky, which is known as the Horse Capital Of The World.

For anyone who loves horses, the Kentucky Horse Park is the place to explore the history of the horses through engaging exhibits and activities. And, there’s is always something exciting to experience at the Kentucky Horse Park like the upcoming World Champion Colt Starting competition that takes place in the Alltech Arena in Mid March, and unites education with thrilling entertainment.

Elementary School Students Celebrate The Year of the Horse 


The strength and beauty of horses have captured the imaginations of writers and artists throughout the world. You’ll find paintings, plus exhibits of equine art at the International Museum of the Horse in the museum’s Special Exhibitions Galleries.

Together, the International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park, and Lexington’s Wellington Elementary School are celebrating the Year of the Horse with a special exhibit: “Shodo: The Art of Japanese Brush Painting.” In this exhibit you’ll enjoy viewing the calligraphy created by the school’s third, fourth, and fifth grade students.

I’ve always enjoyed the graceful lines of brush painting as I did when I created this portrait of a horse. While working on their creations for the exhibit, the students’ at the Lexington’s Wellington Elementary School learned about the techniques and the tools used in brush painting like the black Japanese ink known as sumi, and bamboo brushes or fude. Students’ then painted the character for the word “horse” that translated is uma as well as their names on rice paper. The students’ art will be on display at the International Museum of the Horse through Mid April.

Fun For All 


The Kentucky Horse Park also offers horse drawn tours and carriage rides that are fun for families. A favorite for children are the pony rides, and watching the authentically costumed performers ride unique breeds of horses in the Horses of the World Show.

Over in the Hall of Champions you’ll discover tributes to champions from Thoroughbred, Standardbred and Quarter Horse Racing. Of course, one of the most famous horses is Man o’ War, and is honored with a Memorial.

Kentucky is known for horses, and the state’s native breed is the focus at the American Saddlebred Museum that shares the Saddlebred’s role in American history to its modern uses in the “Showplace for Saddlebreds.”

From revealing the importance of horses in our daily lives, to their role in history that dates back millions of years, the Kentucky Horse Park is one of the Midwest top attractions dedicated to these majestic animals.

Plan Your Visit 

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To explore activities, events, and all the exhibits at the Kentucky Horse Park located at 4089 Iron Works Parkway in Lexington call 1 (800) 678-8813 or visit their website

Wild Wednesday Fact:

Did you know that the Year Of The Horse began on January 31, and runs through February 18 of next year. You may be familiar with the astrological zodiac signs like Leo, and eleven other symbols related the monthly cycle. The Chinese Calendar predates our Gregorian calendar, and is based on a 12-year cycle. Representing this cycle are twelve animals: the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar or pig, if you prefer.

Have you been to the Kentucky Horse Park?

photos via Melody Schubert 


With a passion for travel and creativity, Journalist and Photographer, Melody Schubert let’s her imagination guide her as she explores the world. For her, everyday is an opportunity to embrace something new, and explore intriguing and overlooked destinations that express the heart of a region, and share these discoveries with readers of Travel Freak. She is also Editorial Executive for USA Travel Magazine - where she shares more of travel interests.


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