We marveled at the May Camelopardalids meteor shower, and early this week admired the stunning Super Moon, which appeared to sit right on top of us. On this  Wild Wednesday we’re marking our calendar for  the upcoming Acadia Night Sky Festival in Downeast Maine.


Taking place from Sept. 25-29, the Acadia Night Sky Festival is an opportunity to step outside and enjoy some of the most pristine, star-filled night skies that can be found in the eastern U.S. During the festival there will be many events held in and around Acadia National Park with venues in the towns of Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor and Winter Harbor.

Among the events will be a bioluminescent night paddle will take place each evening in Castine. Or, take a night sky boat cruise with Abbe Museum educator and Wabanaki storyteller George Neptune. Plus, you’ll enjoy lectures by nationally recognized speakers like Tyler Nordgren, a world famous night sky photographer and dark sky advocate, as well as Wally Funk, one of the first women to ever undergo astronaut training.

A highlight of the Acadia Night Sky Festival will be the presentation by keynote speaker Paul Bogard, the author of The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light, who reminds us all of the benefits of turning off the lights on Thursday evening, Sept. 25. After the presentation head over to the “Stars Over Sand Beach” event, where you can sit back and enjoy a tour of the constellations and planets guided by an Acadia National Park ranger.

Families and astronomers alike can join star parties, workshops, hikes and engaging photo workshops taught in the park. A fun event for children will be the 3-D star paper folding, and ornament making. One of the favorite events will be the solar viewing at The Jackson Laboratory,  and view of the stars at several different star parties throughout Acadia National Park.

Wherever your travels take you, we hope you find a moment to step outside and admire the beauty and mystery of the night sky.

Plan Your Visit To Acadia Night Sky Festival


photo credit Dr. Tyler Nordgren

For a complete listing of events happening during the 6th Annual Acadia Night Sky Festival presented by Celestron, visit their website.

To explore area attractions, other events, and travel information to help plan your trip visit the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce website.

Wild Wednesday Facts:

  • The Acadia Night Sky Festival is a community celebration to promote the protection and enjoyment of Downeast and Acadia’s stellar night sky as a valuable natural resource through education, science and the arts.
  • Want to learn more about viewing the stars and planets in our National Parks? Dr. Tyler Nordgren’s book, “Stars Above, Earth Below: A guide to astronomy in the national parks,” is an intriguing guide that explores fields of history, art, philosophy, astronomy, geology, and planetary science.
  • To preserve the beauty of the night sky, Bar Harbor actually established the Ordinance – Light and Glare to protect the night skies over Mount Desert Island and its surrounding communities, which are the darkest skies on the Eastern seaboard.

Will you join the Acadia Night Sky Festival?

photo credit Bob Thayer unless otherwise noted

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