Pack up the kibbles and leash, we’re road tripping with Fido and friends in this week’s Travel Freak’s Wild  Wednesday Column. Before we leave though, let’s check our list of pet travel tips to ensure it’s a safe trip for all of us.


Traveling with our pets is a fun adventure. They’re with us at home, so why not share a road trip; after all they’re family too. Pets are like children though and tend to wander the moment you take your eyes off of them. This was the case on a one of our trips to Florida when my Husband, Leroy, spotted several cars swerving out of control ahead us. A moment later, two small Terrier’s began frantically running from one side of the road to another. Luckily, Leroy stopped the traffic behind us, and a nice couple raced to retrieve the frightened dogs.  Read More….

This brings us to our first tip: Pets Need A License To Ride

We did spot the tags on the dogs collars, so the chances are good that the dogs were returned to their owner. Whether you’re taking your dog to the local park or on a family vacation dogs should have their license to ride. We carry our license, registration, and proof of insurance. When traveling with our pets we make sure they have their tags on, and also take proof that their shots are up to date. These tags, like our license, provide identification, so whoever finds our pets can at least contact our Vet, and we can be united with our furry friends.

Tip Two: Pets Enjoy The Comforts Of Home


When taking a pet on a road trip we pack the overnight bag, snacks, tunes for the road, and our pillows. We all have something that gives us comfort; we just happen to like our pillows. When traveling with the Kid; our Jack Rustle, he gets his own bag filled with kibbles, water, his woobie, and his favorite blanket, which his feline friend, Larry likes too. Pets are often just as picky as we are, and without his blanket, Kid gets really nervous. Maybe, your dog has a favorite toy or woobie like that old stuffed rabbit that’s missing his tale, and has a gnawed ear. If so, be sure to pack it, so he can be comfortable on the road as well.

Tip Three: Pack Your Dog’s Favorite Food

Going on vacation means trying new things, and food. Sometimes, those mouth watering BBQ ribs or the spicy pork we think looks great at the time come back to bite us later. This is true for our pets too; they can easily get an upset stomach from unfamiliar food. The solution is to pack plenty of your dog’s usual food. For dry food, a Tupperware container works best and you can leave wet food in the can. Just make sure you have packed enough for your entire stay, and perhaps a little bit extra just in case.

Tip Four: Carry Instructions and Medication

Traveling today has many advantages like the number of stores along the road where we can pick up supplies and medications. If we have any prescribed medications we always get an extra prescription for road trips. This is also helpful advice if you pet has a particular medication it takes. Write out instructions for both your medications, and that of your pets, such as the dosage, and if the medicine is take with meals. Does your dogs only need a half a tablet? Write it down just in case there’s a problem on the road.

Tip Five: Finding The Perfect Getaway Destination


You’re packed and now it’s time to find a pet friendly hotel or campsite. It’s easier than you think with the internet at your finger tips. For camping sites such as the KOA visit this site. We’ve found that searching the State Visitors and Convention Bureau’s like this one are very helpful for finding pet friendly hotels as well as camp sites. Once you know the city your want to visit type in “pet friendly hotels or campsites” for a list of destinations.

With a few preparations, traveling with your pets will be a fun adventure!

Wild Wednesday Facts:

Be A Local While On Vacation With Your Pets

1. Check with the State’s Visitors and Convention Bureau’s for local Dog Parks, campsites, and pet friendly hotels

2. Join local dog festivals like the Indy Mutt Strut and Pet Expo in Dearborn, MI in Mid May

3. Call or visit your local Humane Society for pet s adoptions, low cost neuters and spaying, and vaccinations.

4. If your dog poops, please scoop! – Be kind, carry bags to remove the doo

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Have you brought your pets on a road trip?


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