On this Wild Wednesday as we explore the enticing scents of the season, and their benefits as we head into the holiday season.


Already signs of the season can be heard and seen in stores. Yet, it is the seasonal scents that are often most enticing. Just like a favorite tune can take you back to yesteryear’s the scents of the season can provoke memorable moments in time. From the scent of fresh bake bread to the cinnamon used in fresh baked pies pastries to the fresh fragrance of your first Christmas tree; the scents of the season are alluring.


We begin our journey in the East, where cinnamon originated. It was a treasured spice used by ancient civilizations’ for centuries; one that was so cherished it was as valuable as gold. As an essential oil, Cinnamon is known to reduce stress and has a calming effect. It is also strong antioxidant that also helps with digestion as well as circulation, and has such an alluring scent it is also known as an aphrodisiac.




You know the holidays are upon you when the local growers start delivering their pine trees to the markets in your neighborhood. The smell of pine is refreshing, and often used in household products because of its clean scent. Pine oil is known to be helpful in reducing stress, and respiratory health. Evergreen’s like pine trees are also thought to keep illness and evil spirits at bay.


When it comes to scents of the season, Peppermint is perhaps one of the most popular holiday favorites. Red and white candy canes deck the halls and trees around the world. The plant’s history goes back to ancient times when it was once used as money. Peppermint tea is calming and soothing for the respiratory system because of its menthol prosperities. And, for those planning a long trip over the hill to Granma’s house the scent of peppermint as well as cinnamon will help you stay more alert and less tense while driving according to studies performed by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, associate professor of psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia.

Frankincense and Myrrh

Used in ancient times to enhance beauty and lift the spirit to higher consciousness, Frankincense as well as Myrrh are also known for promoting healthy skin and easing menstrual discomfort. Both have a special significance in religious ceremonies during the holidays because they were among the gifts given to the infant Jesus by the three wise men.

Scents Of The Season Invite More Holiday Shopping


As you prepare for your holiday shopping be aware of the enticing scents in the malls and stores you enter. Retailers have done their homework, and they know these scents inspire shoppers to spend up to twenty percent more during the holidays. Some stores even have specialty scents create just for their brand.

Listen closely, and you’ll hear the sound of festive holiday music among the clatter of heels and voices in the mall. Around the corner you smell the welcoming scent of fresh brewed pumpkin spice coffee, and  the aroma of delightful peppermint in the jewelry store; all enticing you to come on in and spend your hard earned money.

Find Essential Oils In Your Area

Look for essential oils in the scents mentioned and others at your local organic food store. The essential oils are also available online at places like Piping Rock, which I use often because they have good discounts and sales, although it advisable to purchase 100% Pure Essential Oils that do not have any additives for personal use.

Wild Wednesday Facts:


  • When using essential oils for personal use always do a skin test to be sure you’re not allergic to the oil. Some oils are stronger than others, and like certain medications, can have side effects if overused. Consult with a professional or review a well known herb guide for uses of essential oils. Your local library is a great resources for books on herbs and oils.
  • While cinnamon has many health benefits, it is extremely potent, and the essential oil should be sparingly.
  • Did you know that just a dab of peppermint oil on a tissue can help you breath better. And, if you have mice crashing your party just place a few cotton balls with a drop of Peppermint oil on them around the house and it will send these uninvited guests packing.
  • Looking for a entertaining way to engage children over the holidays? Paint glue on pines cones and then let them sprinkle on glitter, and when it dries you have a wonderful, scented holiday ornament. Here’s another interesting trick with pine cones: While pine cones are hard and brittle, and appear stuck in their current form; it’s just an illusion. Soak the pine cone in hot water for a couple hours and it will close.

Do you have a favorite holiday scent?

photos via melody schubert

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