Doctor Who is one of the longest-running shows on television. The 50th Anniversary of the show is this year, and will be celebrated with a special that airs November 23rd. The first ever episode aired in 1963, and 50 years later the show is still growing strong and is one of BBC’s most successful shows.  The Doctor travels through time and space in the TARDIS and has some of his crazy adventures on Earth. Throughout space and time, the Doctor is always running a muck trying to save civilizations, fight evil, and making sure that the Universe isn’t destroyed. Check out some of the places that the Doctor (and his many forms) have visited on Earth throughout the years.

1. Aliens of London – London, England

Aliens of London

photo via Wikipedia 

9th Doctor. Season 1, Episode 4

2. The Shakespeare Code – London, England 1599

JK Dr Who

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10th Doctor. Season 3, Episode 2

3. The Angels Take Manhattan – New York, New York

Angels Dr Who

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11th Doctor. Season 7, Episode 5

4. Let’s Kill Hitler – Berlin, Germany 1938

Dr Who Lets Kill Hitler

photo via Amy Yen 

11th Doctor. Season 6, Episode 8

5. Cold War – Soviet Union 1983

Cold War Dr Who

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11th Doctor. Season 7, Episode 8

5. The Empty Child – London during World War II and the Blitz

Empty Child GIF

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9th Doctor. Season 1, Episode 9

6. The Girl in the Fireplace – 18th century France

the girl in the fireplace

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10th Doctor. Season 2, Episode 4

7. The Fires of Pompeii – Pompeii, Italy AD 79


photo via Wikipedia

10th Doctor. Season 4, Episode 2

8. The Unquiet Dead – Cardiff, Wales 1869


photo via Tumblr

9th Doctor. Season 1, Episode 3

9. The Vampires of Venice – Venice, Italy 1580

Vampire Dr Who

photo via Doctor Who Weekly

11th Doctor. Season 5, Episode 6

10. Vincent and the Doctor – Paris, France 1890


GIF via Tumblr

11th Doctor. Season 5, Episode 10

Where would you like to go with the Doctor?

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