[image via justjared.com]

  • Penelope Cruz is just about the last celebrity left at the Toronto Film Festival, where she’s promoting Twice Born with co-star Emile Hirsch — so, yeah, she’s just about the last celebrity left there.
  • Pink has a new album coming out, but she still finds time to go to London and teach her daughter how to shop. Mother of the year!
  • Kate Middleton is doing some public speaking in Kuala Lumpur, where she wowed the crowd at a hospice. You can imagine how riveting that speech must have been.
  • Amanda Bynes is just driving around her hometown of Los Angeles. That works for her, since it’s the only city where celebrities get to go cruising with a a suspended license while lighting up a bowl of — well, who are we to say? We’re as non-judgmental as L.A. cops when it comes to former Nickleodeon stars.



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