[image via E! Online]
  • Mariah Carey got confused on a roller coaster in Santa Monica, California, mistaking the ride for a gilded chariot from which she felt the need to wave lovingly at an imaginary crowd of adoring fans.
  • Jennifer Aniston showed off her impressive engagement ring in Santa Fe, New Mexico while her fiance Justin Theroux spent some quality time in Hell after selling his soul to the devil for a diamond that size.
  • Scott Speedman (who apparently has maintained some level of celebrity in the decade since Felicity went off the air) rebounded from a recent breakup with his costar in Hawaii.
  • Jay-Z rode the subway to his own concert in Brooklyn, only to be upstaged by Beyonce later in the evening.
  • Known copycat Lady Gaga stole one of Justin Bieber‘s moves for her Barcelona concert by projectile vomiting on-stage.

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