[image via E! Online]
  • Honey Boo Boo, arguably the biggest celebrity in the world right now, was escorted by her body guard to somewhere called the Fun Factory in Milledgeville, Georgia. One assumes the young star had fun, drank Mountain Dew, and farted on the other children’s pizza.
  • Halle Berry showed off her best “Damn, it’s good to be rich! My life is so full!” smile while playing on the beach in Malibu with fiance Olivier Martinez.
  • Mila Kunis found a shady spot in Central Park to take Ashton Kutcher for a good old fashioned afternoon makeout sesh.
  • Kim Kardashian carried around a Furby or a Gremlin or something in Miami. Edit: my sources tell me it’s a cat, but I’m going to need DNA evidence to corroborate that claim.

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