(image via Twitter)
  • …No, really, can someone tell me where Britney Spears is? She tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini to lament the end of summer but did not list her location. Judging by the Walmart-bought aquarium in the background I assumed she was at her Kentwood, Louisiana estate, but the fact that she looks like she’s being propped up Weekend at Bernie’s-style for the shot has me worried she’s gone off her meds and wandered onto the neighbor’s sun porch.
  • Jennifer Lopez and backup dancer boyfriend Casper Smart played pool games with Lopez’s twins in South Beach. And by twins I mean her actual children, not her toddler-sized ass cheeks.
  • Meanwhile, Gisele Bundchen took her kid to a park in Boston, which was probably way less fun for her son than being at a pool in Miami.
  • And speaking of things involving children that seem like no fun, imagine having Uma Thurman as your mom. According to this picture of the new mother in New York, she barely knows how to hold a baby. Or how to dress without looking homeless, apparently.
  • Clint Eastwood, as you probably know by now, had a conversation with an empty chair in Tampa. Apparently Mitt Romney didn’t get the memo that he already has the senile octogenarian vote and didn’t need to pander.

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