WestJet Airlines Ltd’s Christmas Miracle video was released as the third annual holiday video. The Christmas Miracle video continues a tradition after last year’s hit, which had over 36 million views on YouTube. This year’s video features the company’s Blue Santa and company workers teaming up to give a Dominican Republic community a true Christmas miracle. Santa asked the children and adults what they wanted for Christmas, and the next day at a Christmas party hosted by WestJet, the children received all of their Christmas wishes, from a doll house to a toy car.

At the end, they got an even bigger surprise from Santa and the airline: a playground for their neighborhood. In a community that doesn’t have a place for children to play safely, this was when the tears turned to sobs. You’ve never seen such a huge group of children roaring with joy and excitement. The most heartwarming moments were when the adults in the community received things like a washing machine, a baby crib, and a new engine for a motorbike.

The video was released on November 30, and as of December 3, it already had over 1.5 million views. That’s no surprise because this a real tear-jerker.

Grab your tissue box and check it out below:

What do you think of WestJet Airline’s videos?


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