We’ve been blabbering on about Oktoberfest for the last two days, amping you (and ourselves) up for the start of the world famous beer and food fest tomorrow. Even though the big day is just barely upon us, we can’t help but start thinking about the next wacky festival on the calendar and where in the world it takes place. Thankfully we found this handy infographic of weird festivals around the world to jump start our research!

Oktoberfest makes an appearance in October, naturally, but in comparison to the other strange global gatherings on the list it seems relatively tame. I’m sure someone out there thinks that mass consumption of booze by 5 million annual attendees is odd, but I think events that involved chasing wheels of cheese in the UK or a serving a gigantic buffet to monkeys in Thailand are just a tad more out of the ordinary.

Check out the weird festivals around the world below, and be sure to follow our gin-soaked coverage of travel entertainment here.

Side note: do you think anyone’s dog ever been eaten by a shark during the Christmas Eve night swim in Sydney?!

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