If you find yourself visiting Rhode Island during your summer vacation, the smallest yet easily one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. and New England, you’ll quickly find that there are certain activities you can’t resist taking part in — lucky for you, we’ve put together a great little guide!

1. The Annual Great Chowder Cook-Off:

It’s not a visit to Rhode Island if you didn’t have any Clam Chowdah (New England Clam Chowder… the white one aka the only one. Like what is Manhattan Clam Chowder I’ve never even heard of it why is it pink get it away, ew). If you can’t decide where to try it, as there are countless delicious restaurants, then head to Newport’s Great Chowder Cook-Off and taste ALL of the creamy chowder New England has to offer on one beautiful bay side pier.


Photo via Flickr/Jen

2. Waterfire:

A locally-loved tradition and public art piece that grows and grows in popularity every year, even gaining global attention from international cities who have created their own version. Go early to get a good spot to watch the beginning lighting, take in the echos of operas, music and live performances, and wander around trying street food favorites, dancing, and shopping from local vendors and artists.

visiting rhode island

Photo via Flickr/Heather Katsoulis

3. Have a beach day… or like a bunch of them:

If you can’t stand the Cape Cod traffic and crowds, drive down to Narragansett instead and hit the Rhode Island state beaches. Just as beautiful and clean with epic Atlantic views, but way less tourists and more affordable to. Swimmers, surfers and snackers all welcome.


Photo via Flickr/Timothy Burling

4. Ride the bike paths:

Nothing like the wind in your face to make a good workout in the summer sun more enjoyable. Rhode Island has a number of bike paths, like the East Bay bike path for example, that stretches across multiple coastal cities and downs. Hop on and off as you wish. In the summer you’ll likely find a Del’s lemonade (the famous beverage of RI) stand along the way.

bike path

Photo via Flickr/Todd Van Hoosear

5. Visit coastal mansions of Ocean Drive:

The 10-mile drive that wraps around Newport’s Atlantic coast is a spectacular site any time of year, but in the summer you can drive with the windows down and even stop off for a picnic and pictures and there’s nothing else like it. The ocean crashing into one side while unspeakably extravagant and historic mansions dot the other. Some of them allow tourists to come in for a visit.

ocean drive

Photo via Flickr/Martin de Lusenet

Are you planning on visiting Rhode Island this summer?

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