Denmark. Finland. Iceland. Norway. Sweden.

The Nordic countries are great to visit any time of year. Many hold high rank positions on lists of the happiest, healthiest and most successful countries in the world. Who wouldn’t want to see what they’ve got going on up there? Going in the summer, however, with all the unique things to do and see, could easily satisfy your inner travel bug for a whole year. Here’s why you really need a Nordic summer.

visiting nordic countries summer

1. Midnight sun

If you head up above the Arctic Circle for a portion of the summer you can experience the hella radness that is 24 hours of sunlight. Great for long days of travel or outdoor activities. Also just great because it’s neat that that’s a thing.

2. Great temps

Travelers can move from the comfortably warm/hot summer temps of the southern parts of the countries to cooling off a bit as they head far north. And no horrendous humidity!

3. Nature adventures await

While the prime cities of these countries are fantastic destinations all on their own, many travelers feel the need to have class outside once June arrives. The natural terrain of the Nordic countrysides makes for great hiking, biking, boating or instagramming.

4. Super healthy snacking

No need to worry about wrecking your diet on this vacation, because the Nordic cuisines often consist of natural and seasonal earth ingredients and a whole lot of fresh fish, the lightness of which is perfect for summer.

5. Water

It’s hardly a summer trip if you aren’t getting in the water, right? From the Swedish archipelago beaches to Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon to a cruise through the Fjords of Norway, you have some good options.

6. Aurora Borealis

While it’s true that you might have a clearer view in the winter, contrary to the belief of many it is still possible to have a great show on some summer nights if you look from the right town at the right time.

7. Pulpit Rock

The iconic Norwegian attraction will leave you with adrenaline laced views that will ensure remembering this trip forever.

Feature Image via Flickr/Leo-setä

Which of these Nordic countries will you visit this summer?

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