While there may be seemingly endless reasons to visit Greece, especially in the summer, the food could arguably take up a good portion of that list. Infinitely fresh, inexpensive and delicious was the over all verdict of my recent island-hopping adventure. I even bought some souvenirs in the form of snacks, wine, olive oil and seasonings to try making certain dishes at home. Pay no mind to the worries you hear on the news for Greece lately, tourism will help their economy and they’re happy to have you and make you incredible treats. Go now, because I’m seriously considering returning in August with the sole mission of eating everything and not sharing. Here are the favorites:


Pork or chicken (or a mix of both), lettuce, tomato, onion, that famous tzatziki sauce and french fries all swaddled beautifully in a warm pita. I know what you’re thinking — hold up… french fries IN the pita? Yep. That’s how they do it. This is basically Greek fast food and you should try it how it comes, because it’s an epic combo with all that in one bite.

visit greece

This is how you know where to buy it… when you see this…

gyro meat

Octopus (or really like any seafood)

Don’t get all squeamish on me now, it’s extremely similar to calamari and the Greeks know how to get it just right so it’s not tough or chewy. A grilled octopus tentacle such as this beauty is best casually enjoyed with a seaside view and a side of fava and capers plus a local beer.



The famous Greek salad is a perfect light and fresh meal when you’re starting to melt a little under the summer sun. Easy to find and easy to finish.


Feta / Pita / Hummus (They’re all in the same photo, okay?)

Feta: Fresh (like in the salad photo) is fantastic but you should also seriously try the baked feta pictured below.

Pita + Hummus: The pita game is super strong in Greece and you might find yourself content to just have it as a snack on its own, but please don’t miss out on the hummus. And don’t be all “oh no thanks I don’t like hummus.” Shut up. You don’t know what hummus is yet just —  try it, it’s your new bae.



With ice cream and a view…


…Or with figs! Wait, what?! Yas.

baklava open


Peanuts coated in vanilla, sugar and sesame seeds… the perfect snack to pack on your next travel adventure.


All photos via Sarah Freeman

What will you eat when you visit Greece?

American by chance, but Roman by choice, Sarah is currently feeding her adventurous soul with expatriatism and pizza. Her finest moments are always on the wrong bus with a backpack and an upside down map, waiting to see what the world’s got for her next, so long as she can blog about it. She likes writing more than talking, dolphins more than humans, old movies more than new, and Rome more than anything else.



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