…in a cave. You heard it correctly. If you are a fan of one of the oldest types of attractions in the world, then you may be in luck. On the other hand, if you fear traveling into a dark and humid crevice in the Earth, then this could be your worst nightmare. A contracting group, Sun Group, has proposed plans to build a cable car in the depths of three interconnecting Vietnamese caves.

The caves, Tien Son, Phong Nha, and Son Doong, would be home to the longest cable car system in the world, stretching a total of 6.6 miles throughout the caves. The project would cost somewhere around $212 million, but some people are nervous that it will cost much more than money. Those with opinions believe the cable car could be a detriment to Son Doong, which is protected by UNESCO World Heritage Site. As of right now, Son Doong’s tourism is virtually non existent, and that seems to be the way some people like it. The addition of a cable car in the area would certainly play into a rise in tourism, which may impact the area both positively and negatively, although the developers are promoting the safety of the structure.

Regardless of the benefits or drawbacks to a network of cable cars running through a Vietmanese cave, as always, Travel Freak wants to keep our travelers in the know. Maybe this is repetitive, but Asia is starting to look like the forerunner for most desirable attractions in the world, especially because the Son Doong cave looks pretty much amazing. Imagine riding a cable car through that hole in a mountain?

Son Doong Cave in Vietnam for Cable Car in Vietnam


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