YouTube user Volterrific has been getting a lot of attention the past few days, thanks to a video he shot during his ride in an Emirates Airlines A380 first class cabin. It’s not because the clip is shot particularly wel. Actually, parts of the video look like he handed the camera off to someone’s shaky grandma. The real appeal is in how the opulence of the experience ends up as borderline comical.

On a flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong, Volterrific sampled every amenity he could get his hands on in this notoriously swanky cabin. Much of the footage is just him playing with the buttons in his private sleeping pod. But when he strips down to take a shower in the gigantic first-class bathroom, you get a real taste for the luxury–as well as a keen understanding of this man’s shoulder moles. By the time he moseys downstairs to the economy class cabin, you’ve become so accustomed to flying like the rich and famous that you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor people stuck in steerage with their puny personal movie screens and minimal leg room. It’s just too bad for them…

[youtube id=”J1OqqQ8hBXk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Want to experience an Emirates Airlines A380 first class cabin yourself? You could either sell your collection of Fabergé eggs to afford a ticket, or do what Volterrific did and find the jumbo jet’s shortest one-way route (3 hours) which only puts first class passengers back $550. See? You too can be a smug bald man sipping champagne and fiddling with a shower head at 40 thousand feet!

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