Mother Nature is not always a traveler’s friend, as evidenced by the fact that the peak of hurricane season coincides with many folks’ end-of-summer Labor Day getaway plans. Since the Gulf Coast is currently bracing for Hurricane Isaac‘s impact from New Orleans to tourist-friendly Panama City Beach, now seems like a perfect time to educate beach bound travelers from outside the danger zone on how to survive a hurricane. My favorite piece of advice from this video is the ever-insightful “You will need extreme caution,” because if I saw a hurricane barreling through the sky toward my ocean view Marriott room, I’d probably panic and try to drive to higher ground while dodging swirling vortexes of uprooted palm trees. And that just doesn’t sound wise.

How to Survive a Hurricane

Do you have any severe weather stories from your travels? Let us know, and stay safe!

Image courtesy of cayobo via Flickr

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