This week’s “Wish You Were Here Wednesday” takes us back to Dublin, although not in the form of a postcard. This time we are taken above the streets of the city via Balcony TV. Balcony TV is a viral music channel that was started in 2006 in Dublin by Stephen O’Regan, Tom Millet and Pauline Freeman. Each video takes places outside on a balcony (or rooftop) and features a new band performing a song. Since it started, Balcony TV has spread to rooftops and balconies all over the world, bringing new “music with a view” every single day. Balcony TV is not only a great way to hear a different side of a band (many of the songs are done acoustically, or modified so the bands can fit the space) they also offer a different view of the city.

There are thousands of videos produced by Balcony TV, which can be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out where to start. I decided to start at the beginning, with Dublin, and work my way out. With the beautiful city as the backdrop for each video, nothing has made me want to go back to Dublin more.

Here are some of the videos that caught my eye while browsing through Balcony TV Dublin.

Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars have been a few balconies, but they have been on the Dublin balcony the most. Which makes sense, since that is where they are from. It is no secret that I love Little Green Cars, and they consistently blow me away. It was hard to pick which Balcony TV video of theirs to put in this post, but I went with “Harper Lee” because it was the most chill inducing.

of Montreal

You can tell me for days about how you never went through an of Montreal phase, but unless you are over the age of about 35 I am probably not going to believe you. This video was shot in 2009, so it is a bit of an older one, but still one of my favorites. of Montreal can sometimes be a bit all over the place, so I love the stripped down simplicity of this video. Plus something about an acoustic of Montreal song with a backdrop of Dublin at night is just perfect.

The Script

I never really delved into the world of The Script but I picked this video for a few reasons. One of those reasons being that the view is killer. Also because it is a prime example of songs being modified for the space. And they are also from Dublin.


You can tell this is an old one because it says that the band is 21 Demands, which is what Kodaline was called before they were Kodaline. This tune is one that is just perfect for a balcony. Especially a hometown balcony. I recently saw them play CMJ in New York City, in a venue that may not have been much bigger than that balcony actually.

What is your favorite Balcony TV Dublin video?


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