Happy Hump Day to all my little travel freaks! I racked my brain all day thinking of what to write that would both entertain and inform my dear readers, and then I realized — why don’t I just shut up and let some pictures do the talking for once? Okay, so this might be a copout due to a small bout of writer’s block, but I haven’t shared many images from my own travels and this is better than leaving y’all hanging. So feast your eyes on these photos of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia that I took on an Iberian excursion a few years back:

The City of Arts and Sciences (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencian) is an architectural complex that contains several cultural entertainment venues, such as a planetarium, an interactive science museum, an impressive aquarium, an opera house, and a covered plaza for concerts and sporting events.

Above is the Prince Felipe Science Museum, which was designed to resemble the skeleton of a whale. Inside the giant “carcass” (ew) visitors can find a variety of scientific exhibits which, according to the museum website, are designed for “stimulating curiosity and critical thinking and at the same time surprising and amusing the public.”

Across a shallow pool from the museum is L’Umbracle, an elevated walkway lined with native plant species from around Valencia.

Besides indigenous flora, L’Umbracle also holds several contemporary sculptures like the one pictured above.

This peculiar domed building is L’Hemisfèric, which holds the planetarium as well as an Imax theater. Like the museum, this structure also had an unusual source of inspiration: the human eye.

At night, the reflection of the side of L’Hemisfèric on the water surrounding it creates the image of a full eye. Unfortunately this picture only captures half of the eye, so use your imagination and fill in the bottom, kay?

If that stupid car hadn’t driven by this would be a near perfect image of the interesting design of the opera house, known as Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia (Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts). This is the back of the building, although in its entirety it looks something like a futuristic motorcycle helmet.

 On the far end of the pool is L’Àgora, the covered event space that can hold everything from tennis tournaments to rock concerts. Not sure what the function of that phallic structure is but it sure looks happy to see me.

All photographs courtesy of me so don’t steal them or I’ll send the internet police after you.

Steven tried out for The Amazing Race one time and was denied. We're not saying this is why he started this site, but it may have been a contributing factor in his decision to explore the world online and share his travel inspiration with others.



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