United Airlines flight 1463 was flying out of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and was set to land in Orange County, California when POP! I’m sure we can agree that the last thing you want to hear is a pop on an airplane. It is enough to send you into panic mode especially when that pop is followed by the plane’s evacuation slide inflating inside the aircraft mid-flight. The slide opened in the rear of cabin and did not cause any injuries to the 96 passengers or the five crew members working on the flight. United Airlines said that all the passengers were seated when the slide deployed in order to clear up a rumor that the incident could have been caused by a passenger who attempted to open the door during the flight.

CNN delivered quotes from Michael Schroeder, a passenger on the plane, who said, “the plane didn’t appear to lose cabin pressure and the crew was pretty calm about it.” Yes, nothing to see here just a new feature were trying out, United Fun House! Turning your plane into a circus in the sky. I would hold your breath about the fun house feature because the flight landed safely in Wichita, Kansas in order to let the maintenance team inspect the aircraft to determine what happened. Schroeder also went on to say, “when the pilot came out right after landing he said, ‘oh golly, I’ve never seen that before.”’ First of all, thank you captain for those words of deep comfort and second of all who says golly anymore?


The passengers were given hotel rooms and were all booked for a flight Monday morning from Wichita to California. Other accounts of flights who experienced the same issue were featured in the CNN article and even President Barack Obama experience a scare in 2008 when the evacuation chute opened due to it not being properly fastened to the floor. I’m not sure if these accounts make me feel better or worse because I’m pretty certain that things like this are not supposed to happen at all. The cause of this particular incident on United Airlines flight 1463 will remain a mystery until the investigation is complete which could take a few weeks according to Elizabeth Cory, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration.


Have you flown United Airlines?

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