Trivago, a website that compares hotel prices on different booking sites, has created the perfect traveler’s calendar to help you save money on your travels. With the New Year quickly approaching, you’re already thinking about next year’s crazy travel plans and how to find the best deals. So instead of a traditional calendar with room to write appointments, due dates, and schedules (ew), try this Trivago calendar that shows you the months with the lowest hotel prices for several different cities.

By comparing hotel price data from 45 countries, over 700,000 hotels, and over 175 booking sites from the past three years, they have determined average price peaks for your favorite travel destination. What Trivago discovered is that you can save £74 in Amsterdam and £130 in Venice on hotels per night by simply traveling in January. They equates to around $120 and $210, respectively. If you can’t travel during January or the months around then, Dubai, Sydney, and Bangkok have the lowest hotel prices during June, July, and August.

Of course the seasonal differences play a huge role in the tourist travel patterns, but if you’re on a budget and really want to travel, waiting a few months might be the answer to traveling longer and more frequently.

Here are some of Trivagos’ Travel Advice Calendars:

london trivago calendar

Photo via Daily Mail

new york trivago calendar

Photo via Daily Mail

washington dc trivago calendar

Photo via Trivago

paris trivago calendar

Photo via Trivago

cancun trivago calendar

Photo via Trivago

Want to see if one of your potential travel destinations is on the list? Check out more of Trivago’s Travel Advice Calendars here.

Where do you want to travel next year?

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