Day dreaming is a wonderful thing. Many would argue that it just a means of escape from a boring work day. But I see it differently: it is a way to plan your future travels while passing the time from a boring work day. And who can blame Walter Mitty from wanting to do that? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, directed by and starring Ben Stiller, is about a man working for Life magazine who escapes his less-than-adventurous life for day-dreams filled with action and romance. However, when his work demands an adventure, Walter seizes the moment and embarks on a journey around the world. Turns out, his real adventure is better than any of his day-dreams. The film is adapted from a short story by James Thurber. It was published in the New Yorker in 1939 and since then has been recreated in two (very different) film adaptations. In this version, Walter travels to 5 different locations in search of picture number 25: New York, Iceland, Greenland, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Each site offer a unique experience and one that should not be missed! So if you looking for potential places to visit for 2014, its definitely worth looking into these places.

New York

   New York City- Times Square-

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The greatest city the world, (but perhaps I am biased since I am a native New Yorker). People from all around the world gather to this city, year round, to experience its electric culture. This tiny, densely-populated island offers some much that sometimes its citizen never have the urge to leave.


Iceland- Godafoss- Dean Guadagno

Photo Credit: Dean Guadagno

This hotspot has recently lured tourists to its grounds to experience the breathtaking night sky and extraordinary natural landscapes that exist. Hopefully not too many tourists visit at once or there might not be enough nature left. Try to see it while it lasts!


Greenland- Christine Zenino via

Photo Credit: Christine Zenino

Another place to see Nature’s wonders. Like Iceland,this country offers an array of arctic attractions from dog sledding through the mountains, hiking, whale watching, and a first row seat to the Northern Lights.


Yemen- Martin Sojka

Photo Credit: Martin Sojka

When most people hear about Yemen, it is following words describing war, political imbalance, etc that make us shy away from ever thinking about visiting. But, aside from its troubles, (not to say they should be ignored), Yemen is a beautiful country in the Middle East. While rich in culture, the landscape is beautiful and different than most hotspots. If you are one to melt at the sight of cities built above canyons, then you are in for a breathtaking view.


Afghanistan- Ricymar Photography

Photo Credit: Ricymar Photography


Here is another country that has garnered a bad rep from the media (but not without reason). Although we strongly urge you to do research before visiting, there are some areas where tourists are welcomed.

Which Country would you follow Walter Mitty to?


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