Addiction Recovery

Everywhere you go, there your recovery is, too.


Traveling is an immersive experience into the world full of fascinating, enlightening, educational experiences. Journaling is a way to keep track of your many memories, thoughts, and feelings about your travels. An evidence-based therapeutic application, journaling can also help you to process your emotional experiences, work through difficult moments, and mark your growth on paper.


Recovery is a process of progress. Seeking inspiration is a constant pursuit for the sober man. With a new outlook on life, you’re compelled to gain more knowledge, insight, direction, and more. Traveling can include downtime and a little bit of boredom. Rather than mindlessly scroll through social media platforms, dive into a book. To keep your eyes on your surroundings, opt for audiobooks.


Recovery can come with “homework” which you may have from treatment, aftercare, your work with a therapist, or a book you are listening to. Travel is full of spontaneity, which means you shouldn’t place too high expectations on getting extra work done. Bringing recovery based work is a reminder of the work it has taken and will continue to take to maintain your sobriety.

Exercise Materials

Exercise can be done anytime, anywhere. Through treatment at Tree House Recovery, you gain the knowledge of expert exercise routines and regimens, as well as a thorough understanding of how important exercise is to your recovery.


Simply put, addiction depletes the body and the mind of essential vitamins and nutrients. The recovering body needs support to function. All of your travels should be accompanied by essential vitamins and nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and more.

Water Bottle

Living life on the go during travel can get so busy you forget to stay hydrated. Hydration is important to keep your body performing at its best and your brain sharp. Dehydration can cause moodiness, impatience, and crankiness- a recipe for a bad day of travel.

Phone Numbers

Even if you are attached to your phone 24/7, you are still at risk of losing your phone during travel. Carry a separate list of phone numbers for parents, your therapist, a mentor, recovery peers, and other people you can trust to get you through a rough time.

At Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California we are helping men discover life without limitations through innovative treatment and adventurous recovery from addiction. For information on our treatment programs, call to speak with one of our graduates: (855) 202-2138. If you are struggling with heroin addiction, we can help here.


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