We  love traveling abroad, and in fact, we try to do it as often as possible. When we usually take a vacation, it involves a passport, plane and knowledge of a different language. However, it seems like we might be the only Americans who do this?

According to Skift, over 80% of Americans interviewed for a survey have not traveled internationally for vacation in the past year — 80%! A mere 13% have… that’s like nothing! Want to know what else is shocking? Only 8% said they have been abroad, but over a year ago.  Yikes! To be fair, the survey only included 4,256 online responses — we would assume most of the worldly people we know are not wasting their time on online surveys (no offense!), but the survey found that for the people who did travel abroad, their income was $100,000 or higher. So, is it just too costly to travel? Well, not necessarily.

americans arent traveling abroad

Yahoo asked a normal dude from Mississippi why he hasn’t left the United States, and it has nothing to do with money. “It’s not a safe thing to do. Not right now. With wars all across the Middle East and all around the world, you got to be careful when you leave the United States,” said Dennis Miller.“What’s over there for me?”

Oh, we don’t know Dennis, culture, amazing food, awesome people, adventure, life?

But we’re not here to judge. Traveling in America is definitely fun and exciting, and we always say you should see your hometown before anything else. But we do encourage Americans to get out there and start exploring.  Head over to Yahoo and Skift to read more!

Why do you think Americans aren’t traveling abroad?


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