Music is an integral part of the travel experience: it amps you up on adventures or calms you down on the beach, attaches memories of a time or place to a song that you can revisit, and drowns out the sound of screaming children on cramped modes of transportation. With this in mind I decided to share some of my favorite travel tunes with you every week, and since I’m a big fan of alliteration, I decided to do it on Tuesdays.


Everyone is thinking, talking, and writing about New York today, and while I could try to wax poetic about my feelings for the city I’ve called home for the past five years, I’d rather leave that to someone who has a better way with words — namely, PJ Harvey.

PJ’s entire Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea is an ode to New York, but the track “You Said Something” is probably the most overt expression of love for the city on the album. By superimposing the electric intensity of an exiting new relationship onto imagery of the Manhattan skyline, Polly Jean perfectly describes how being in New York feels the same as falling in love. Corny, I know — but when I listen to this song, no matter where I am, my stomach fills with butterflies like I’m a smitten schoolgirl and I’m reminded that I really do ♥ New York.

[youtube id=”_LORGWrKw60″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

What’s your favorite song about New York?

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