Embarrassing fact: one of the first times I knew that I wanted to travel was when I saw the video for Janet Jackson’s “Runaway” on MTV — what can I say, seeing a lady with sparkly facial adornments somersault around the world is enough to turn an impressionable seven-year-old a wannabe globetrotter. I quickly learned that you can’t really climb the Sydney Opera House or dance on the wings of a moving aircraft like Janet does in the video, but the song stuck with me anyway because it’s makes traveling just seem so damn peppy.

Sure, the point of the song is that in all of her travels she still misses a special someone back home, but I didn’t understand that layer in the lyrics when I was seven and I choose to omit it now. Instead I focus on the chipper woman talking about having herself a good time over an infectious beat. Because, like Janet, I would very much enjoy falling asleep in Tuscany and waking up to an Australian breeze, and though I’m not quite sure what a “Nairobi mood” is, I’m pretty sure I want that too.

Pop “Runaway” on your next travel playlist and listen to it when the tedious parts of your journey start to get you down (after the security checkpoint at the airport, for example). No matter how dour your mood, I guarantee that this song will put a smile back on your face and get you amped for whatever adventure you’re embarking on.

You should also go ahead and watch the video below. I hope it fills you with childhood wonder like it does for me, and if it doesn’t, at least you can marvel at the “wonders” of mid-1990s CGI:

Janet Jackson – Runaway by hushhush112

image via HotFlick.net

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