Well, we all know the “Started from the Bottom” artist is no stranger to living large. From cars, to clothes, to women, it seems there’s nothing Drake doesn’t have…. And, while us ‘Mericans appreciate all the groovy songs he has gifted us- especially those that inspire us to get into the most seductive of moods – the rapper’s true home is in Toronto, Canada. So wanna have a quick peep into Drake’s life? Book a flight and get to exploring!

1. Stay

Drake: [Recently Sold] Condo

via dailymail.co.uk

Drake recently sold his condo in Toronto for a cool $4 mil. Oooh, you go Drake. Sorry, Canadians, you lose again. He now resides in a disgustingly boujie house in California equipped with waterfalls and everything. Try again next time Canadians, but as Madonna once said, “Everybody goes to Hollywood!”

You: Radisson Hotel Admiral Toronto-Harbourfront

via Room77

Well, you’re in Toronto attempting to emulate Drake, so you might as well live (slightly) large. This hotel has a pool and amazing amenities, in addition to a harbor front view. Don’t worry though, the nightly fee will cost you mere pennies in comparison to Drake’s condo (or anything else he owns).

2. Transportation

Drake: Bentley


Apparently, Drake’s car of choice happens to be his beloved Bentley. BRB, gonna go cry now over the fact that this car costs more than plenty of years worth of my rent.

You: Toronto Subway

photo credit: AshtonPal via photopin cc
photo credit: AshtonPal via photopin cc

Ah, yes! Us simple people do prefer to ride in public transport, don’t we? $10 a day will get you unlimited rides for all the exploration you will be doing.

3. Food

Both: Vivoli

via yelp

While Drake is no stranger to the finer things in life, when it comes to his food he prefers some simple (yet delicious) Italian cooking. He has been reported saying that one of his favorite things to do while at home is hit up Vivoli’s with friends to grab a bite, down a few drinks, and just enjoy their outdoor space. Who says you can’t do that, too? The place is budget friendly, and you never know… it could be your lucky day. You might even get a quick glimpse at Drake! Say ‘Hi!’ for us.

4. Music & Nightlife

Drake: Private Recording Studio

via freddyo
via freddyo

Naturally, every singer/songwriter has to have his own recording studio in their lovely abode. Unluckily for you, you probably won’t be able to hang with him… unless of course you are a groupie. (Are groupies still a thing?)

You: The Drake Underground

via The Drake Hotel

Enjoy some music, drinking, and dancing at The Drake Hotel’s Underground Bar. No, it is not owned by Drake, but definitely has received plenty of positive reviews and decent pricing. Good enough for us…

5. Entertainment

Drake: Toronto Raptor Game

via The Grio

Drake now owns a percentage of the Toronto Raptors Basketball team, so he probably has a life pass to front row seats at all their games… That would be the life wouldn’t it?

You: Toronto Theater

via City Discovery
via City Discovery

But hey! Who says you can’t score yourself some front row seats either?! Apparently there are daily lotteries at Toronto’s Theater that come in at only $20 for front row seats. With that pricing, the front row is basically free, right? Plus, what could be better than a little culture?


What’s your favorite spot in Toronto?


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