Beyoncé turns 32 this Wednesday so in honor we Freaks are giving you another one of her itineraries. We taught you how to travel to Cuba like Bey and Jay Z, but now we want to help you travel to Ibiza like Bey and her number one girl, Blue Ivy.

Beyonce Blue Ivy Ibiza Vacation Yacht

(photo via E!)

After headlining the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia on August 31st, Beyoncé and Blue (and Jay, of course) jetted off to Ibiza as what we can only assume was a birthday getaway. Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Valencia, Spain. The island is seriously beautiful and a hot spot for celebrities to vacation. We aren’t surprised that the Knowles-Carter family took a beach vacation to get some much needed R and R before Beyoncé gets back to work on her next album, and Jay Z recoups from the Legends of Summer tour. So if you are planning a trip to Ibiza soon, here are some ideas for a star-studded time, with out a star-studded budget.


Beyoncé- Ibiza Gran Hotel


(photo via Luxury Hotel)

We have no idea where the Knowles-Carter family stayed but they did immediately hop on a yacht after arrival. We wouldn’t be surprised if they have a house there (they have them everywhere it seems) but if they stayed in a hotel we would expect only the best for them. The Ibiza Gran Hotel is a beautiful 5-star hotel located right on the beach. Rooms start about $450 a night and the hotel is booked out for what seems like forever.

You- BH Recó Des Sol Ibiza

BH Reco Des Sol Ibiza hotel

(photo via BH Reco Des Sol

This apartment style hotel is not right on the beach, but it isn’t too far away. At $55 a night, we think it is pretty affordable for a beach getaway, especially if you are traveling with friends. This rate seems too good to be true, but the reviews are pretty good. And we can never pass up the opportunity to stay in a place that will give us a better feel of actually living there (apartment style, rather than a straight up hotel.)



Beyoncé- S’Ametller

S'Ametller Restaurant Ibiza five star

(photo via S’Ametller)

This five star restaurant seems like the place this basically royal family would eat. However, wouldn’t be surprised if they have personal chefs so they can eat in privacy. If they were to make a public appearance though, it would be at a place like this.

You- La Cava Ibiza

La Cava Ibiza Tapas Bar

(photo via Ibiza Spotlight)

When in Spain you gotta have Tapas. La Cava Ibiza is a hip tapas bar that is open all day, and late into the night. You may not need to find another place to eat the entire time you are there. The food is priced relatively well (for an island vacation) at around €11.


Beyoncé- Private Yacht

Beyonce yacht ibiza

(photo via Daily Mail)

What better way to relax on a tropical island than a private yacht? Bey and her family wanted some much needed relaxation and family time, so they would want as much privacy as possible. Getting out on the water is a great way to spend time on any island, but unless you are a celebrity, we don’t recommend hiring a private yacht.

You- Party Boat

Ibiza boat parties

(photo via Ibiza Spotlight)

Let’s be real, if you and your friends are headed to Ibiza, you are probably there to do some partying. That is what young people do when they go to Ibiza. So we recommend dropping a bit more money on a party boat tour. Most of them sail at sunset, and there are plenty of routes and music genres to choose from. It has become a staple of the Ibiza experience and hey, when in Rome, right?

So, is Ibiza on your getaway list?



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