After half a century of restricted travel, Americans can potentially venture to the sunny isle of Cuba. Now, before you go head over heels to travel to Cuba, take a moment to look at some of the country’s best tourism hotspots. Also, remember that you have to cook the plantains you buy from their local vendors before eating them (I learned that the hard way).

Finca Vigía

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Now a museum, this “lookout farm” was once home to the legendary Ernest Hemingway. The American author resided in Finca Vigía periodically for two decades, where he wrote some of his greatest and most influential books, including The Old Man and the Sea.   

Teatro La Caridad

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One of Cuba’s most well known and historic theaters, Teatro La Caridad has been a staple of the nation’s cultural elegance ever since its doors first opened in 1885. Although safety issues have forced the building to close down in recent years, tourists make frequent visits to see this piece of Cuban colonial history.

Turquino National Park

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Cuba is home to some of the world’s most exotic landscapes, and Turquino National Park showcases the cream of the crop. The Sierra Maestra mountains run through the heart of the park, with the pure greenery of a virtually untouched tropical forest ensconcing the region.

Estadio Latinoamericano

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Located in Havana, this baseball stadium is the remedy for any homesick Americans traveling abroad. Estadio Latinoamericano reminds us that, despite the drastic differences between Cuba and the U.S., we can all sit down and enjoy our pastime together.


Photo Credit: Russ Zara of
Photo Credit: Russ Zara of

This park is found on the southeastern tip of Cuba, and has an incredible aquarium, a spacious lagoon, and an intriguing Prehistoric Valley exhibit in which visitors can see large models and sculptures of ancient animals.

Old Havana

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Photo Credit: Gavin Spencer of

What better way is there to get a sense of day-to-day life in Havana than to see its cultural epicenter? The city was founded less than three decades after Columbus made his historic trans-Atlantic voyage, and offers visitors picturesque sightseeing, delicious dining, and terrific year-round weather.

The Malecón

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The Malecón is essentially the boardwalk of Havana, acting as both an effective seawall and a pleasant walking path for locals. The five mile passageway is a great hangout spot for all, and is also a terrific place to pretend you can see Miami.

Parque Vidal

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Photo Credit: Junagarth of

Let’s depart from Havana for a bit and check out the great Parque Vidal in Santa Clara. The theater has produced concerts and performances for over 100 years, and remains in operation to this day.

Cueva de Saturno

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Photo Credit: Emmanuel Huybrechts of

This cave is perfect for anyone who enjoys scuba diving, combing refreshing crystal clear water with the ambiance of a natural grotto. More importantly, there’s a snack bar on site.

Playa Esmerelda

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Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick of

What kind of list about an island would this be without the mention of a beach? The water at Playa Esmerelda gives off a greenish tint, mirroring the kinds of beaches that could be found in Florida and Mexico. Its exotic variety of fish make it one of Cuba’s most captivating natural experiences (it probably has a snack bar too).

Are you planning to travel to Cuba?

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