Travel opens doors to discovering new places, unexpected treasures, and an opportunity to share the precious memories with family and friends. Pack your bags because we’re sharing some helpful travel tips for your trip.

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Book Your Trip Early and Save

Be sure to book your trip early, which is especially true when planning a vacation to places like Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. If you know where you’d like to go, then check around on travel booking sites like Expedia for general prices. Afterwards, check the destinations website because often you’ll find greater saving offered directly through the source.

Some hotels and resort offer discounts to those who plan ahead and book early. One suggestion for savings when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is the Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort in Downtown Disney that offers 20% off discount on deluxe accommodations when you pay for your room in advance. They’ll take off an additional 20% off when you Pre-pay for a 3-night or more stay, and have saving for seniors and AARP members. In addition to AAA, AARP, and other travel related memberships, your credit card company and bank may have benefits available like discounts on gas, entertainment and attractions. It never hurts to ask, and may save you money.

Don’t forget to book your activities such as golf tee times, activities, and tours before you leave. Arrange your tee times, and activities ahead of time to ensure availability when you get to your destination.

Membership Has its Advantages

Members of local cultural attractions like museums and zoos not only enjoy free or discounted admission, you can also get in earlier, as well as receive invitations to members only events.

An example of membership saving is the Indianapolis Zoo, which is home to the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center. If you visited the Zoo with a family of four it would cost around $120.80, plus tax for 2 adults and 2 children with Total Adventure Package that includes unlimited, all-access to the entire Zoo, its rides and animal feeds.

Then again, if you purchased the Grandparent Plus 2 membership you’d receive FREE admission for two adults sharing the same household, plus all unmarried grandchildren age 21 and under. And, you get to bring TWO other guests. The only restriction is that the Cardholder must accompany guests to the Zoo. Otherwise, you pay around $184.00, and get free general admission, free parking to the Zoo, special access to members-only events, exhibit previews, and much more.

Even if you only visit Indianapolis a couple times a year, or return to catch the Indianapolis Colts in action at Lucas Oil Stadium you’re saving money with a membership. And, by the way, if you are in town you can park at the Zoo during special events like a Colts game or convention downtown and save on parking, which is around $6.00 for members, and $9.00 for non-members. Other parking around town can cost from $15.00 up to $30.00 during special events. Check with your favorite museum or zoo in your area for memberships and the perks and discounts you receive.

Is Your Trip Covered?

When it comes to traveling insurance coverage for your trip is often overlooked. Did you know that you may already have insurance to cover car rental through your insurance company? Call them before you go to check what coverage you do have, and what it covers. In the case of traveling overseas or booking a exotic package it could be a wise investment to opt in for travelers insurance.

Safety On The Road

Time is precious when you’re on a schedule; you want to get to your destination in the least amount of time so you can begin enjoying your trip. The last thing you want is a ticket for speeding along the way, so drive wisely.

If you’re driving be sure to check your vehicles fluids. Having a good spare tire, jack, and jumper cables is wise as well. You never know when you might need them.

When we travel, whoever rides shotgun is in charge of keeping an eye out for speed limit signs and navigation. On long trips it’s also important that they stay awake to help keep the driver alert.

GPS and other navigation apps can clue you in on local speed traps as well as construction routes, and are worth downloading. On the other hand, be aware that following your GPS alone can lead you down the wrong road, literally. That helpful short cut that takes off an half hour from your trip could be down a narrow local road along the side of a steep mountain top, which has happened to our brother-in-law.

We take a map with us whenever we drive just in case. A good source for local maps is the Convention and Visitors Bureau’s in the region you’re visiting. You can order these on their websites, as well as local guides to festivals and events you might like to join. Of course, maps and GPS are good for planning your trip. Yet, don’t be afraid to let your imagination be your compass and explore new routes, where unexpected and often overlooked treasures await to be discovered!

Eat Locally

This is one area of travel that opens the door to trying regional foods. For instance, how about a hearty breakfast that includes a side of grits. This southern favorite is filling and is a popular item served at Waffle House, and other Mom and Pop restaurants in the south.

October 24th is National Food Day, and is a perfect time to sample nutritious and tasty treats across the country and in your own backyard.

Festivals Are Fun

Local festivals offer many fun activities to enjoy, so be sure to check the local Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website for annual events to experience while you’re in the area. And, if you happen to be in San Antonio in Florida, not Texas, check out the Rattlesnake and Music Festival that takes place the 3rd Saturday in October. San Antonio, Florida is just about an hour and half from Orlando, so it would be a nice side trip.

Other fun festivals coming up soon to experience include the Indy Irish Festival, the Texas Renaissance Festival In October, and the Aloha Festivals in the Hawaiian Islands.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and wherever your travels take you, we hope you have a safe and memorable journey!

Interesting Facts:

If you live in New York check out the I Love New York (New York Department of Economic Development) website for free events, activities, attractions, and lodging packages available in the area you want to visit.

Download free audio and eBooks for your trip through your local library, Kindle, NOOK, or related book site. For the free audio or eBook of Washington Irving’s short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow visit Project Gutenberg, which has over 49,000 free eBooks to download.

Know Before You Go: You may already have road side assistance available through your insurance company or membership through services like AARP. Give them a call to see what services you do have for your trip.

Road Safety Tip For RV’s: When it comes to using GPS and other navigation apps look closer at the maps they provide. Is that short cut leading you down a road that has a short underpass or railroad crossing under a bridge, or other street with height or weight restrictions? Often, small towns have underpasses for which cars can manage, but are impossible for RV’s and semi’s to navigate.

For those who find snakes interesting you can learn more about them, and the importance of venom extraction at the Kentucky Reptile Zoo in Slade, Kentucky.

Do you know of any great travel tips?

With a passion for travel and creativity, Journalist and Photographer, Melody Schubert let’s her imagination guide her as she explores the world. For her, everyday is an opportunity to embrace something new, and explore intriguing and overlooked destinations that express the heart of a region, and share these discoveries with readers of Travel Freak. She is also Editorial Executive for USA Travel Magazine - where she shares more of travel interests.


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