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edinburgh travel tag instagramLocation: Edinburgh, Scotland
Instagram User: moka21c

via @SmarterTravel Sick of paying obscene airline fees? Don’t fly Spirit or any of these airlines that make most of their money from ancillary revenue.

via @TrueNomads The only time I’ve flown Spirit was when I went down to Cancun for Spring Break in college. I was young and dumb then, and more than willing to fork over my hard earned cash for plane/drink tickets, but now that I’m older (and read more travel blogs) I know that you can go to Cancun for next to nothing.

via @gran_tourismo Do you have any idea what a Ca Trù concert is? I didn’t either, until reading this post on one of the traditional Vietnamese performances in Hanoi.

via @davidsbeenhere Who do I have to off to get ScotteVest Travel Clothing to sponsor my trip to the beautiful Greek island of Symi? A man named David, apparently.

via @LandLopers Call me short-sighted, but I always find it weird that life exists outside of major cities in foreign countries. Like, do real people actually live in small towns in Russia? Do people outside of the metropolitan areas of England have teeth? Obviously, I was intrigued to learn that there are thriving towns in Croatia besides Dubrovnik and Split.

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