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erbil iraq travel tag instagramLocation: Erbil, Iraq
Instagram User: avestajiyan

via @Andreatravels For some reason, I just realized that I have been to Spain more than any other country. Some would say this makes me an expert on the Iberian Peninsula, but most (including myself) would say I’m stupid for returning to the same place over and over, because in all my trips I still haven’t seen all the spots on this vacation guide to southern Spain.

via @ActiveUkraine Newsflash: I’m cheap. Thus, like a shiny penny resting on the grimy NYC sidewalk just waiting to be pocketed, this list of 10 things to do in Lviv, Ukraine for under 10 euros really stuck out to me.

via @wanderlustmag Second newsflash: I’m a highly functioning alcoholic. Kidding, mom! But seriously, I loves me some booze – and I would love to try all of these weird beers from around the world.

via @Travel_Rich I’m tossing around the idea of attending a travel blogging conference this summer, but I’m not completely sold on the idea yet. Will it be like summer camp? And, subsequently, will everyone hate me and try to push me in the lake? I suppose I should read this post on what to expect at these events before I make my final decision.

via @Gadling And finally, a question for the ages: how did China misplace 27,000 rivers?


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