#Travel Tags is a new series on Travel Freak in which we delve into all the posts on Instagram and Twitter marked with the #travel tag and republish our favorite photos and links for your viewing/reading pleasure.

rome travel tag instagramLocation: Rome, Italy
Instagram User: aemitchell

via @JulikaSarah A friend of mine who studied art history told me once that the most important aspect of art is the notion of “high drama.” I’m still not entirely sure what that means, but something tells me this baroque castle in Karlsruhe, Germany is highly dramatic.

via @adventurouskate I can’t help but get excited for people when they announce their plans for a round-the-world trip, even if I’ve never met them. Such is the case with Kate, whose next adventure has me filled with jealousy and more than a few big ideas for myself.

via @lazytravelers Speaking of round-the-world trips, half of our favorite tipsy travel duo is in the middle of a RTW excursion with her husband. We’ve been following along the whole time, and you should too – starting with this witty review of three hostels around New Zealand.

via @Bloggeries I had a pressing social engagement this past weekend, which is why I wasn’t able to attend the TBEX conference in Toronto (read: it was my birthday and I was more interested in binge drinking with my friends than attending workshops in Canada). But, thanks to this recap of all the action, I feel like I was right there with the rest of y’all.

via @andrewzimmern And finally, take a look at this Vine from Andrew Zimmern if you’ve ever wanted to know what 50 tons of conch looks like.


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