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ilha de tavira portugal travel tagLocation: Tavira, Portugal
Instagram User: geomazing

via @audleytravel Just when you were starting to believe that there’s nothing new under the sun, a secret city gets unearthed in the jungles of Cambodia.

via @TravelandEscape Would you be willing to have your irises scanned before you board your next flight? I don’t know how I’d get through that, I can barely handle the glaucoma test at the opthomologist.

via @Gadling  Is renting an apartment through Airbnb any cheaper than staying in a hotel? Short answer: yes. Long answer: here.

via @amzkiz I haven’t made it to the Middle East yet, mostly because of all those human rights violations. However, if the looming threat of being murdered just for being myself ever fades away, I’ll be sure to hit up the famous Muttrah Souk in Oman.

via @RunawayBrit According to this post, the city of Gdansk in Poland is basically Disneyland “without Mickey Mouse.” If it’s devoid of screaming children as well, I’m totally down.


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