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chiesa valdese rome travel tag instagramLocation: Chiesa Valdese, Rome, Italy
Instagram User: pacoinviaggio

via @LandLopers I am not known to be a very patient or understanding person in high-stress situations, which makes me quite prone to popping off at friends, family members, and nearby strangers when something goes wrong on vacation. Hopefully this post on how to deal with five common travel annoyances will help me overcome this before I lose all my travel buddies.

via @nearafar Most of my trips to Chicago have been decidedly budget affiars, meaning I haven’t been able to do much culinary exploration of the Windy City beyond housing giant slices of pizza. The next time I go, however, I’ll have to set more money aside for food and try all these amazing restaurant recommendations.

via @wanderlustmag I’m one of those people who gets more upset when animals die in movies than when their human costars bite the dust. Some people would say this makes me a sociopath, but I think it just shows how warm and cuddly I secretly am. Anyway, poachers have off’ed the last rhino in Mozambique and I’m on the verge of an emotional breakdown over it.

via @1backpack One of the destinations I’m dying to visit is Tel Aviv. I knew some people who studied abroad there in college, but I secretly despised them and avoided making small talk so I never got to find out how they liked it. Luckily I have the internet to show me everything I need to know about spending a few days there.

via @InsightGuides Guys, your moms are about to be so excited: an ABBA museum just opened up in Stockholm.


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