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rome travel tagLocation: Rome, Italy
Instagram User: bm_roberts

via @20sTravel I’ve always assumed that gelato is a healthy dish judging by how often I guiltlessly consume it, but now I have confirmation. Thank you, Steph at Twenty-Something Travel, for revealing the truth.

via @waegook_tom I love reading about people’s first impressions of New York City, because I’ve been in love with it since I arrived here almost six years ago. Sure, I’ve spent an ungodly amount of money to live in crappy apartments and I’m constantly terrified that I’m going to be pushed in front of an oncoming subway by a crazy mole person, but it’s all worth it to live in this smelly, crowded, amazing city.

via @WildJunket Of course, I also love to branch out from NYC and explore other urban jungles around the world – and it doesn’t hurt if they’re as fun to experience at night as during the day like these party cities in Europe.

via @HeckticTravels Are you ready to cry a little bit and become overwhelmed with the urge to call your mom? You’re in luck, because this post on traveling with woman who carried you for nine months is an absolute soul-warmer. I’m the first to admit that traveling with my mother stresses me out to no end, but seeing that little lady’s face when we arrive at a new destination is enough to melt even my icy heart.

via @TraveloCafe When I think of Sweden, I imagine log cabins, long stretches of evergreen forest, and bushes heavy with weird berries just waiting to be made into preserves and sold at your local IKEA. By the looks of these photos of the town of Leksand, my ideas are pretty spot-on.


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