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santorini travel tag

Location: Santorini, Greece
Instagram User: abfarris6548

via @Vagabond_Film There was a time when I thought I wanted to go to school for architecture. Then I realized I’m terrible at math and any building constructed under my watch would probably crumble to the ground. Now I take pleasure in simply observing quality architecture, like on these architectural tours of cities around Great Britain

via @travefy Forget the Bay of Pigs, y’all, because Cuba could be taken off the United States’ list of banned destinations within the next couple of weeks. Summer in Havana, anyone?

via @HIP_Hotels My mother recently asked me if I would like to go on an African safari with her and my aunt, to which I replied “Of course! If you’re paying.” If she’s willing to foot the bill, I’ll be sure to use this guide to “luxuriously losing yourself on safari” as my inspiration.

via @nearafar As of now I’m not planning on attending TBEX, mostly because I like to keep my summers open for day drinking and I can’t be sauced at an industry event. However, I do love Toronto, so there’s a chance I could reconsider and book a room in one of these hotels that are all close to the action.

via @indietravel I’ve only taken a few trips via train within Europe, but it was positively luxurious and I wish I could travel by rail everywhere. Well, I suppose I do take the subway most places in New York… but I’d rather be standing in a club car than in a pile of human excrement.

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