At one point in my life, I was traveling so much that I scoffed at the people who held up the security line. I put my “do you believe the nerve of this guy” face on every time I watched someone tell TSA they forgot to take their laptop out of their carry on bag. All the while I would hold my already prepared bucket to send through the metal detectors, pretending not to be in a rush to start my next adventure.

Travel hacks are created by those of us who have been through the airport lines, the taxis, the money exchanges, more times than we can count. We pass along our little tips to the people who are to follow in our foot steps, only hoping that they don’t end up being that flustered guy, who can’t remember where he put his boarding pass. We don’t want you to hold up lines or be taken advantage of while buying tickets for a train in Italy, so hacks it is.

Sometimes travel hacks are by word of mouth, but this week Visualistan has presented us with a Travel Hacks Infographic help us visualize the ways we can save time and money on our next journey. Even if you think you know all there is to know about the short cuts of travel, take a gander at these ones. Little did I know, labeling your luggage fragile means that it will be sent out on the luggage runners first. Well don’t you learn a new travel hack every day. Check out the Travel Hacks Infographic from Visualistan below!

Travel Hacks Infographic


What travel hacks do you use?


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