Before you use that travel app, read this.

According to research from mobile security startup Bluebox Security, many of the top travel apps have some major, major flaws. The company looked at 10 apps from Android and 10 from iOS, and discovered that hackers could easily access users’ information that’s stored on the device.

travel apps hacked

If you’re using a travel app, you may have entered something as small as your name to something as big as your passport number. While the apps weren’t specified, if you look at the top travel apps from those systems, you see names like Uber, TripAdvisor and Expedia. “All of the apps analyzed in the study could be modified and manipulated to perform in ways that the developers had not originally intended. The top apps had little to no protections in place to secure data at rest and in transit,” the paper reads.

But it’s good to know, thus far, there has been no public knowledge that these apps have been compromised. And of course, travel apps aren’t the only ones that make users vulnerable.

There are ways to protect yourself of course. The folks at Bluebox Security recommend downloading apps directly from stores, and not through other outlets. Also, used a passcode and avoid using wireless connections that are random or not secure.

It’s little steps like this you can take to make sure that you’re information stays private. There’s always a risk when using the internet, but at least there are some ways to protect yourself.

Head over to Bluebox Security to read more.

What are your favorite travel apps?


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