Being American, we often tend to admire other countries and the way the people there live. Take for example those siestas in Spain, or that delicious food in Italy. Really, we’re constantly in awe of the other countries we visit, but do foreigners feel the same when they come to America? It’s definitely something we’ve wondered about from time to time, because hey, this is one of the greatest country in the world, and we hope people see it for that, right?

To clear somethings up, Expedia created this nifty infographic that shows what tourists think of America. It seems like we’re known of free refills, poor public transportation and lousy commercials. On the plus side, we’re also known for our fun television shows, national pride and endless food choices. Now this infographic may not be scientific, but it’s probably pretty accurate. After all, they did find some information from forums like Reddit. Take a look for yourself, and head over to Expedia for more.

what tourists think of america

Do you think this is what tourists think of America?



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