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I’m sure you’ve all seen those challenges on TV where people have to eat fifty hot dogs in an hour, or tackle a ten foot burger (with fries AND onion rings) all for the reward of a sweaty post-meal picture on the wall. And while it may sometimes look unappetizing, unhealthy, and maybe even painful to watch, it can also be a lot of fun to attempt and sometimes even achieve. Many people have said they’d like to take part in these ‘Man V Food’ style challenges seen on television, and have often idolized stars such as Adam Richman for having such a fun, food-fueled job. While it’s true that there are fewer opportunities for such epic challenges in the UK than in the States, it is still very possible to find daunting UK food challenges. Here, I’ve compiled a giant’s 3 course meal for you, taking on some of the country’s most challenging food battles.

Hungry Hossee Challenge – Hungry Hossee Café | Corby

UK Food Challenges 1

To kick off, I’ve chosen one of the largest English breakfasts you’ll find in the UK. This big breakfast at the Hungry Hossee Cafe weighs in at 6.6 lbs and contains a massive 7,500 calories. On your plate, you will get three sausages, three fried eggs, three potato waffles, three potato scones, three burgers, three portions of beans, three rashers of bacon, three hash browns, three slices of black pudding, three portions of mushrooms, three square sausages, three slices of bread and three pieces of toast. Despite the immensity of food, you can take on this challenge for just £12, and if you eat the lot of it, you get the entire meal absolutely free. The owner has an entire wall full of customers’ photos who have attempted to finish this hefty breakfast –but have not yet been successful.

The Beast – Burgers at Black’s | Croydon

UK Food Challenges 2

For the main course, I’ve selected Britain’s biggest ever burger, The Beast. Weighing in at a combined 15 lbs, including a pound of fries, this mammoth meal contains 18,000 calories. Within it, you will find nine rashers of bacon, nine slices of cheese, a whole lettuce and three tomatoes, all served up on a 12-inch bun that has to be specially commissioned from the local bakery. To take on The Beast, you have to order a day in advance, so that they can prepare it and the challenge is to finish the entire meal in just one hour, earning yourself a place in the restaurant’s hall of fame.

Titanic Ice Cream Sundae Challenge – Afterz | Edinburgh

UK Food Challeges

To finish, I’ve chosen a notorious dessert contest; the Titanic Ice Cream Sundae Challenge. This immense ice cream contains a whopping 3000 calories. Within its massive bowl, you will find twenty scoops of ice cream, with plenty of whipped cream, wafers, fudge, chocolate sauce, smarties, skittles and even some fruit, so don’t say it’s not healthy! To enter this challenge, you have to pay only a £1 admission fee, which will go to charity. Then, you will have fifteen minutes to finish every last bite of the sundae. If you fail to finish, you will then have to pay £10, if you succeed, then you will only lose your £1 entry fee. It sounds like great value, but be warned – only one person has ever completed the challenge!

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