Overwhelmed by the number of museums in London? Let us help you guide to the capital’s most famous museums and galleries that will give you the fix of culture and tradition you’ve been looking for Some of the finest public treasuries in world, these collections are mostly free for your entertainment, so you can explore and ravel the marvels of Britain at your own leisure.


The Science Museum: The oldest yet most precious treasure of Britain

  • One of the world’s oldest museums, the British Museum offers to you a collection of art so endless that only a fraction can be viewed by public at a time
  • First time tourists and visitors generally head to the world famous section of the collection of Egyptian mummies, the Rosetta stone and the unique Sutton Hood Ship Burial.
  • Enlighten yourselves by discovering the world as it was in the early eighteenth century through a permanent display of more than 5,000 historical objects chosen to cast light on the intricacies of this ancient and enchanting period.

V&A Museum: Rediscover the art of sculpture and photography

  • The V&A Museum Gallery is home to one of the world’s greatest and renowned collections of decorative arts and crafts in numerous fields such as sculpture, pottery, ceramics, miniature portraits as well as photography.
  • Highlights of the Museum include rare pieces of art installed in the special British Gallery 1500-1900 with historically significant objects arranged chronologically to rediscover the art since the olden times.
  • One can relive the era of British design from the reign of Henry VIII to that of Queen Victoria and bask in the serenity of the oldest tapestry designs for the Sistine Chapel.
  • Tourists and travellers all around the globe visit to observe the finest collections of Italian Renaissance sculpture, the world’s oldest and most splendid floor covering in the form of the famous Ardabil carpet, and the Luck of Eden hall, a beautiful yet mysterious hand crafted thirteenth-century glass beaker from Syria.

The Alfred Waterhouse Museum: A virtual treat for the lovers of flora and fauna

  • The mighty Alfred Waterhouse building has been famous for its collection that boasts of more than 50 million plant, flowers, fossils, animals, rodents, rock and mineral specimens from different periods that mankind ever saw.
  • The collection it houses is entirely devoted to display the intricacies and beauties of animal and plant life.
  • The new Darwin Centre houses more than 22 million insect and plant specimens that take up to a whopping 17 miles of shelving providing a treat for nature lovers.

The Science Museum: Embrace the geek within

  • The Science Museum is a favourite with various tourists and travellers from the world who religiously visit the Museum every year in a population of thousands to observe the seven floors of educational and entertaining exhibits, including the famous Apollo 10 module and a flight simulator. • The Welcome Wing has an abundant collection of medical history treasures to showcase which include substantial developments in the fields of medicine and technology.

How to get there? For Non Britain Residents, one must apply for ESTA before beginning with the journey. Once your ESTA application has been approved and forwarded, you can start by booking your plane tickets and reservations, packing your bags and embarking on the most wonderful journey of your lives!


What is your favorite museum in London?

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  1. I love the British Museum and Natural History Museum. The British Museum is always very busy though, so I prefer the Natural History Museum.


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