2. Isla de Las Munecas aka “The Island Of The Dolls” – Xochimilco, Mexico

The small island in the old Aztec canals was made a home in the ’50s by a man named Don Julian Santana Barrera. After living there for some time Don Julian began to report hearing the voice of a ghost, specifically a little girl who had drowned there before he arrived, calling him into the waters… so naturally he hung a bunch of creepy dolls in the trees all around the island to try to make the girl happy… you know but of course instead the dolls became charged with her spirit and began to move by themselves, just the usual eye blinking and heads turning and whatnot… sure enough Don Julian was eventually found dead, face down in the water, wonder how that came about. All who visit the island must bring a doll to the girl, and Don Julian who also now haunts the island. Awesome. I’ll just write the rest of this post from under Nana’s bed k cool. 

haunted island mexico

Photo via Flickr/kristen

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